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New offers of real estate for sale in China

3 room condo 3 bedrooms area 170 m² for sale
The fine and elegant structure, multi-functional space division and comfortable indoo...
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3 room condo 3 bedrooms area 260 m² for sale in city Shanghai
3 Bedrooms and 1 Study Units: Gross Plan Area: approx. 261.7 – 269.11 SQ. M2、262.31...
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Building offers for sale in China

Developer - ООО «СаратовРегионСтройС»
Дом на Ладожской

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Property offers in other cities

Developer - ЗАО «Геожилстрой»
ЖК «Рубин»
Developer - МУП «Саратовское городское капитальное строительство»
ЖК «Зеленый»